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May 19 not my first thought…


Lord, make me wise like Abigail. When a word was brought to her of disaster hanging over her household, she acted quickly, boldly and with diplomacy.

Quickly, before those set on her destruction could reach her, she sent gifts of food and drink to them.

Boldly, without seeking her husband’s approval or permission, her plan was enacted.

Diplomatically, she bowed before David, took responsibility and asked him to spare himself from burdening his conscience with needless bloodshed. All the while she praised his conquests and acknowledged his godly honor.

Here are the things I can think of that she could have done. She could have sat down and wept, bemoaning that fact that they would all be destroyed soon. Her pity party would have been well deserved, after all, it was her husband that caused the calamity, not her; she was just the victim here.

She could have gone to her husband with a belittling tirade of accusations and complaining, insisting he get up and do something about it. Or demanded he fight David to defend them all.

She could have met David with a ‘nobody asked you to protect our shepherds’ attitude. Or argued that legally there had been no contractual agreement.

Or she could have packed her things and left her husband to be killed, running to safety, only to return when it was all over. She had lots of options!

My thoughts are not as wise or as noble as Abigail’s. Thank You Father for this example of someone who did not act out of helplessness, or fear, or anger, or self-righteousness, or any other of the characteristics I tend to go to when up against a wall.

Help me remember Abigail’s quickness, and boldness, and diplomacy the next time I am facing a hardship. I think she must have heard from You. Keep my spiritual ears open so I may too. Amen

I Samuel 25:1-44

Sept 19 “This is the way…”

road-sign-64059_1280Father, You have described those who do not follow You and those who do. And unfortunately, I sometimes display the characteristics of both. You say “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.” And yet there are times when I do not remain quiet and trusting. “Yet”, You tell me “the Lord longs to be gracious to you; therefore He will rise up to show you compassion.” What an amazing God You are! Even when I am not faithful, You are patient and merciful to me!

Father, You have promised, “As soon as You hear, You will answer me.” And have said that “my ears will hear a voice behind me saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it.’” I could ask for nothing more.  Even now, as I call out to You, I know that You can hear my voice and will answer me. Father, there are circumstances in my life that present options and opportunities, choices. And I must decide.

Fear would freeze me where I stand, preventing me from moving ahead in any direction. But I believe that You have wisdom in all these areas.  I believe You have the ability to see into the future, to know which is the right way for me to go. You also know my past, and the way that You created me, with strengths, gifts, and talents, as well as weaknesses. So You know what You have already prepared me for, and what is best for me.

Father, I have access to the wisdom of the world. I have friends who would probably tell me what they think I want to hear. But I desire to live my life by Your wisdom. Be the voice that I hear behind me, in my ear, telling me which is the way to walk. Show me which path to take. Show me when to wait and when to go forward. Open my ears and my Spirit so I can hear and understand what You tell me. And give me the boldness to be obedient to what You tell me.

“And I will sing…my heart will rejoice.” I will rest in my salvation. And will remain in quietness and trust. These will be my strength. Amen

Isaiah 30:15-21