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Apr 16 Your Voice, not the world

LToHear God's Voiceord, let me and my sons be like Caleb and Joshua. They spied out the Promised Land and saw all the goodness there.   They also saw the enemy for who they were, but knew that You would give victory and deliver them according to Your Word. They held to their convictions and lived a long life receiving all You had promised. Even in their old age, they were strong and vigorous because they served You wholeheartedly.

I do not know if goodness or enemies lie before me, but I know if I serve You wholeheartedly, I will receive all You promise. Your will, Your plan will not be thwarted. I will be blessed and receive an inheritance from You.

Father, let me also be like the widow who made her plea persistently. Let my faith be that I will not give up, but always lift my concerns and needs to You in prayer.   When You return, let me be found faithful, continuing in prayer, not being dissuaded by circumstances or the influences of this world.

Also, Lord, keep me mindful that my only righteousness comes from You, so I will not look down on anyone else, but remain humble. I am ever dependent on You, on Your mercy and on Your grace for my life and all that I have. Thank You for Your faithfulness – to warriors, to widows, to me. Amen

Joshua 14:6-15; Luke 18:1-14

Apr 4 Teach me to pray

prayer-1159703_640Father, thank You that when asked by Your disciples, You taught me more than just some words to say when I pray.

In three verses You instruct me to honor Your Holy Name and ask for You to meet my needs. You indicate it is important to confess my sin and be forgiven of it, as well as to forgive others who have sinned against me. And You show me how to ask for Your divine direction and protection.

But You didn’t stop there. You use further illustrations to teach me that I need to be persistent in my prayer life. I am not to give up just because I don’t get an immediate answer.
You also promise my patience in prayer will be rewarded. “For everyone who asks, receives; he who seeks, finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”

Next You reinforce that I can trust You for specific answers to prayer, through the Holy Spirit, because “You are the Father of Lights, and every good and perfect gift comes down from You.

Thank You, precious Heavenly Father, that I can come to You with every joy, every sorrow, every praise, every need; and know that You hear me and You enter into dialogue with me. Father, help me to take time to listen for Your voice in answer; and not just call out my grocery list of wants.   Let me sit at Your feet, like Mary. Do not let me be distracted by anything, but teach me to drink in Your presence. Remind me to include time with You in setting my priorities. And open my ears and heart to all You will tell me. Amen

Luke 10:38-11:13; James I:17