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Feb 9 not my will…

Lord God, what a blessing You gave me to be able to travel to Israel, to see the city of Jerusalem, and to walk into the Garden of Gethsemane! I am forever changed by that gift. It was amazing! On one hand, as a tourist, it seemed historically and intellectually reasonable to be seeing structures and walls that stood in Jesus’ time. olivetree1But as I sat, looking at two of the very olive trees that were present in the garden when Jesus was there, I marveled. Utterly amazing! To see something that was alive, living then, and still alive and living now was incredible. I was in the presence of something that had been alive in Your presence here on earth…

In the quiet, my thoughts were drawn back to the night Jesus came to pray His “not my will but Thine” prayer. I reread that passage in Matthew that described that sorrowful and troubled plea.

He laid all His personal potential down. Father, I have hopes and dreams, goals, desires. I
desire to honor You with what I do. I thought of what my biggest possible plan could be, all the potential I have, and how it would bring glory to You, thinking, if You would just make it happen…

And then I realized something: if Jesus, with all the ability and power and potential that He possessed, (and He could have called ten thousand angels and made a spectacle the world had never seen before!) was willing to put it all aside for God the Father’s holy and perfect will for His life; how can I do less? What is there that I could possibly think of to do, that would be better than anything Jesus could have done? And He could have done literally ANYthing! Yet Jesus laid it all down to take up God the Father’s purpose. I must do the same. And so

I echo those words: “not my will, Lord, but Thine.”

Jesus had the unlimited and infinite capability to accomplish whatever He wanted. And He gave it all up to accept Your plan. I have a very limited and puny capability for setting and accomplishing goals. So rather than asking You to bless whatever plan I may be able to think up, I ask that You would show me the plan You have for this portion of my life. And give me the courage and strength required to live it in a way that will bring You glory. Amen.




Jan 4 Promise of the Rainbow

rainbow-436171_1920Father, I have seen rainbows in the sky all my life. They are such beautiful, delicate, ethereal things.   What a beautiful reminder of Your promise to never again curse the ground because of man or destroy the earth by water. We see it and marvel, for it brings us a sense of wonder and security. But for You it is a sign of restraining Your great power, because Yours is the power to destroy all You have created. Even though our actions must bring You great sadness, Your love for us and Your faithfulness is even greater!

I fall so short of living a godly life.   Noah offered You burnt offerings and You were pleased. But You also desire the offerings of a broken spirit and a contrite heart.   Forgive my arrogance, selfishness, pride – those things that keep me far from You. Thank You that You have the power and are willing to forgive my sin and purify me from all unrighteousness. Father, set my feet upon a path that will honor and glorify You

Thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus, to walk the earth without sin to be an example and a Savior for all mankind. Thank You for His teachings found in scripture, and for His healings and miracles. As He healed and gave mercy and relief from distress to the people around Him, You also answer my similar prayers. I so need your mercy and relief from distress. When I am overwhelmed, bring me peace. When I am set upon by evil, give me deliverance and relief.

Help me, O Lord, not to shame You with my words, actions or attitudes. Teach me to live by the words You have written on my heart that show me how to guard my thoughts and my tongue, how to treat others, and be humble. Do not let me be deceived or misled by the evil one, but open my eyes to those lies. The pull of the world and the flesh are strong – help me turn from those temptations and not seek after false gods. Though I do not bow to wood or stone, I can be motivated by wealth or pride, or favor with man.   Let me see beyond the dangling worm, to the hook of the snare that would lead me away from you. Show me the destruction that can come from a seemingly innocent step that crosses the line into sinfulness.

Father, I believe You have set me apart for Yourself, that I am holy. Show me the plan You have for my life. I trust completely that what You have planned for me is the best. Show me the steps I need to take, in order to take hold of that plan.   Shine the Light of Your face on me. Fill my heart with joy. Give me peace. Keep me safe. I trust in You. Amen

Genesis 8:18-9:17; Matthew 4:12-25; Psalm 4:1-8