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Oct 23 Waiting – hardest thing to do

pause-for-a-moment-393837_640O Father.  Have I been like these people?

It seems they were truly seeking Your will, and promised to do whatever Jeremiah revealed as Your will.

But when ten days went by, they had already evaluated their options and come to a decision they thought was best for them.  It seems once they had made up their minds, there was no room for Your Word to be heard.

I wonder if there have been times when I came to You, pouring out my heart because I was so desperate and didn’t know what to do.  Then, while waiting for Your response, I looked around for myself and became convinced of my best option.

Father, when faced with hardship and stress, would You help me be patient until I hear an answer from You.   Waiting can be very hard even in the best of situations.  But when there is pressure to make a decision, or harm may occur without action, waiting can be unbearable.  Help me bear it.

I’ve had people tell me “God can’t steer a parked car.”  They are encouraging me to get started in some direction, saying You will guide me once I commit to go.  But sometimes that is not wise advice.  I can become so committed to the direction I choose, that I refuse to course correct later.

While waiting, help me stay so close to You, that I recognize Your voice.  When I do hear from You, reassure me it is truly Your Word.  Even if it goes against what I might have thought, help me know without a doubt, that what I’ve heard is from You.

And Father, empower me to be obedient.  Don’t let me be defensive of any plan I have come up with myself, or think I know something You don’t.  Time and time again, You have shown me that Your answers are far more creative, far more successful and far more wise than any I have ever thought up.

The Israelites decided rather than stay in hardship one more day, they should go the way that seemed to benefit them.  Father, if there comes a time when I must remain in a hard place, or endure Your correction, strengthen me to be able to do that.   Even though it may seem I’m in the frying pan, I trust in Your wisdom, in Your perspective, and in Your perfect plan to keep me out of the fire.

That I have faith in You to direct my life is easy to say when the times are good.  Father, strengthen and prepare me to be able to live out my faith, even when the times are not.  Amen

Jeremiah 42:1-43:7

Nov 16 Helpful last words

postit-1975188_640Father, the book of Hebrews is winding to an end, and it seems the author has thrown in as much good advice as he can before his good-bye. “Keep on loving each other as brothers. Do not forget to entertain strangers…Remember those in prison…Marriage should be honored by all…Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have…”.

I do the same thing when my kids are leaving after a visit. Those parting words are the last chance to say important things, but often end up being a jumble of so many different things that none are particularly memorable.   Help me remember to do these things the writer of Hebrews has listed here.

I am told to “imitate the faith” of spiritual leaders and “consider the outcome of their way of life”. In Ezekiel’s time, it was the spiritual leaders who neglected to teach the people what they should know, and led them astray. They were the “shepherds of Israel” and they took advantage of the sheep. Like then, the outcomes of many spiritual leaders’ lives of today have not been holy or honoring to You.

So I ask for Your wisdom and discernment, and Your help so I will not ”not be carried away by all kinds of strange teaching”.   There are so many philosophies and teachings in the world today that make claims to do everything from bring the individual inner peace, to bring them fantastic wealth and fame, to grow hair on their bald heads! There are so many counterfeit faith systems that are designed to make me feel good, while pulling the wool over my eyes, and leading me away from You. Very famous and powerful people buy into these ‘religions’.

Father, do not let me be enthralled by the sensationalism of any of them. Do not let me be intrigued by the power they profess to tap into, or the secrets they propose to know.   But keep me on the path that leads me ever closer to You.

Thank You for the blessing at the end of Hebrews. I pray these words for myself and for my loved ones. It is what I seek with all my heart. “May You, the God of Peace…equip [me] with everything good for doing Your will, and may You work in [me] what is pleasing to You.” Father, may I have Your peace in whatever circumstances the world or the evil one throw at me. May I know and feel Your peace even in the challenges and the hard times. Will You provide whatever I need to accomplish whatever You have for me. Lead me to what will please You. And may the success bring You glory! For ever and ever. Amen

Ezekiel 34:1-31; Hebrews 13:1-24