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Apr 23 Time Management

O Father, You have always been my God.  Even before I knew who You were, I saw the beauty of Your creation.  You put the mountains in place, You created the seas and all that is in them.  Yet even before there was earth and sky, You were there.

You are “from everlasting to everlasting.”

God's todolistYou tell me “a thousand years is like a day in Your sight.” Your sense of time is far different from mine.  I cannot even imagine it.

So I ask You, who knows time and all things, to teach me to live each day to the fullest.  Teach me how to measure out my energy for what is important.

Do not let me fall victim to the “tyranny of the urgent.”  Help me put thought into setting my priorities for spending my time and my energy.  Many things of value are not urgent, but are significant.  If I only deal with the urgent, the important things slip by.

I desire to live intentionally; not let my life pass by without doing all I can to honor and glorify You.

But already, days slip by, weeks, seasons and even years; and I wonder where the time went.   Father, do not let one more day pass that I do not consider what You want me to accomplish.  And show me how to make time for it.

Give me a revelation, a vision for the next part of my life.  Show me how to get from here to there in steps I can see.  Help me to know when something interrupts, whether it is a distraction or a divine opportunity.

I lay my life before You Lord.  Guide me.  Show me.   Thank You for the years I’ve already lived.  And let me live each new one for You.  Amen

Psalm 90:1-12


July 18 Order from Chaos

Father, for the last several chapters, You have shown me how David and his commanders allotted all the jobs that needed to be done, to the Israelites. There was a job for every person and a person for every job. From the priestly duties in the Temple concerning worship, to defending the people and guarding the gates in the wall around Jerusalem. There were people who took care of all the building and supplies, all the flocks and herds, and all the king’s business.


It reminds me that You are a God of order, not chaos. I usually start off my day with a plan of order. You know all too well how many times those plans have dissolved into chaos. My house starts out the month in order. Then life happens, and chaos takes over. Sometimes it takes an unexpected emergency like water in the basement or some planned entertaining activity to motivate the family into cleaning up again and putting things in order.

I marvel at how You know humans so well, and give us what we need. You know that I need order. You created this world I live on with painstaking care. Every planet in the solar system is ordered. The geology of the planet earth is stable enough that I don’t see mountains from my window one day and valleys the next. The seasons change, giving us variety in weather patterns, but the seasons always come in the same order. And the human body is amazingly organized, down to the pattern of neurons in our central nervous system and brain; and the arteries and veins that carry blood.

So I get the benefit and security of knowing that night always follows day; Summer always follows Spring. Thank You for knowing me so well; what I need to feel safe and secure in the world. Thank You for going to such great lengths in creating this beautiful planet; with it’s specific gravity, air pressure, radiation levels, temperature, and path through the solar system, to provide stability to sustain my life. Thank You for the constancy I see repeated in the cycles: sprouting, growth, maturity, fruitfulness, harvest, hibernation, rebirth.

When chaos increases in my life, it’s a signal I need to spend more time with You. Help me be more organized. Remind me I need to be consistent in devoting time to You. Show me how to set right priorities.   And how to stick to them.   Thank You for Your loving help. Amen

I Chronicles 23:1-27:34