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Dec 24 Search my heart


Father, it is the condition of my heart that You are concerned with.  Through Zechariah, You told the people of Bethel that it was not simply the observance of anniversaries, holy festivals, feasts and fasting, which pleased You.

While it is true that those things can be done as acts of worship to honor You, the Lord Almighty, they can also be done for the sake of the activity.  You alone know the hearts of the people involved; whether they participate to please themselves or to honor You.

Father, today help me examine myself.  Search my heart, look at my motives.  Do not let me simply “go through the motions.”  Fill my spirit!

When I praise You, I will do it with a full and sincere heart.

When I give money or time or energy, I will do it gladly as an act of worship.

When I read Your Word, I will do it with an open mind and spirit to hear and receive what You have to say to me.

When I feast or fast, I will do it not for the recognition of others, but for an audience of One – You.  And whether I am celebrating Christmas or Passover I will do it with sensitivity to the spiritual meaning, not just what history or the world has made it to be.

Father, I acknowledge and thank You for Your deeds.  I celebrate and trust the way You do things.  I don’t always understand, because Your ways are not my ways – but I trust them.  And I cannot wait until every knee bows to You, and every tongue confesses that You, indeed, are Lord!  Amen!

Zechariah 7:1-14


May 17 How do I praise?

Psalm 113 uses the word “praise” five times in three verses. That must mean it’s an important word. And yet not one I use much in everyday conversation.

One very significant way, I demonstrate that You are a part of my life Lord, is Praise. I give honor, worship, adoration to You, God in recognition of who You are, and in gratitude and thanks for what You have done.


I like to use acrostics to help me remember things.  To help me make PRAISE an intentional, doable action  – I see PRAISE as






Every day

To me that means:

Putting:   intentionally and on purpose, I do something

The groceries and the dishes don’t get put away unless someone does it. It’s the same with Praise –it doesn’t just happen, someone has to do it.

Real:    in a genuine and sincere way, honest – not forced, not hurried

I take time to literally communicate to You.  Sometimes it’s by words, a statement or a prayer, sometimes I write it down in a letter or journal, or I might write a poem, or song – I might sing it! Or just take a walk or take a moment and speak to You in my heart.

Adoration:   my appreciation, thanks, gratitude, even simple acknowledgment of who You are and what You’re doing, and have the power to do.

I hardly ever take a drive, that I don’t notice the mountains, or the sky or sunset. Do I say ‘wow, Mother nature is something!’ No, I thank You as the Creator of it all for giving me such a beautiful world to live in and look at!

Into Situations:   in the midst of whatever circumstances come my way, good or bad, deserved or unfair, difficult and trying or pleasant and joyful.

So if I see my child being awesome, I thank You for making me a mother! Or I pass a car accident, and ask You to help the people involved and strengthen the ones giving assistance, and then I thank You for protecting me from dangers, all the accidents I never knew about because they didn’t happen.

Every day:   on a daily basis. I don’t wait for a holiday or Sunday to come around! But spontaneously!

As things happen, thanks and appreciation is voiced. It may sound silly or awkward at first, but the more I do it, it just becomes a way of life, life in You.

So P-R-A-I-S-E, Putting Real Adoration Into Situations Every day means:

Intentionally, genuinely and sincerely, take time to communicate to You, my appreciation, thanks and gratitude in the midst of whatever circumstances come my way on a daily basis. Father, help me remember to fill my life with praise for You! Amen

Psalm 113:1-3