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Dec 11 You are the One I can turn to

Father, so many times You sent messages to the people and leaders of Israel to return to You, and they did not. You sent death in famine, drought, blight, locusts, plagues, and military defeats as a way to get their attention.


When challenges and difficulties come to me, remind me to come to You. You are the One who can help and heal me. You are the One who can show me wisdom and how to cope with whatever You allow into my life.

Lord, when it is so easy to fret and worry, and grumble and complain to friends, and look to the world for answers, remind me that the source of all I need is You!

Calm my heart when I am anxious. Shut my mouth when I whine.

Turn me around when I go toward the world’s solutions.

Let me pour out my heart to You and seek wisdom in Your Word.

I will not just talk during prayer, but will listen, so I can hear what You have to say to me.

I will open my eyes and ears to discern when You are showing and teaching me; and where You are leading me.

I will let go of my own way and humble myself to obey You.

For it is “You who forms the mountains, who creates the wind and who reveals Your thoughts to mankind, who turns dawn to darkness, and treads on the heights of the earth— the LORD God Almighty is Your Name.”

You are mine, and I belong to You. You redeem me with Your love, renew me with Your presence, restore me with Your touch. Amen

Amos 4:6-13

Mar 15 A donkey speaks!!


O God, do for me what You did for Balaam.

If I am ever on a reckless path, Father, send an angel to block my way. Let a traveling companion turn me off the road, or crush my foot or stop me in my path until You open my eyes to see what is really going on from Your perspective. If need be, send an ass to speak to me to get my attention!

Let me hear Your voice and be obedient, not drawn away into the world by the material riches it can offer. Even though Balaam continued to bless Your people, as You had told him, he relied on sorcery to earn his living and ultimately betrayed Your people. Help me stay focused on You and the blessings You give, like Elizabeth and Zechariah.

Your blessing to them was an answer to many prayers on their part and prophecy on Your part. They were faithful to handle that blessing as You instructed: their son John the Baptist. Lord, help me be faithful to the blessings You give me. And handle them according to Your instructions.

Let me grow strong in spirit as John did. And I will also proclaim Your wonders to others. You have made a path of redemption, sent a means of salvation. Jesus is His name. In Him is the victory over death and all enemies. In Him is eternal life. I am ever humbled and blessed. Amen

Numbers 22:21-23:30; Luke 1:57-80