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Apr 22 One True God

When I say, “I will serve the Lord”, these are word of intention and obligation. I do not just sit back and allow whatever comes to come, saying ‘It must be the will of the Lord’.  Saying “I will serve the Lord”, carries the responsibility to recognize and reject all other powers and gods that have somehow gotten into my life, and to act intentionally to perform service affirming that You, the Lord, are my God.

What does that look like?

idolatryI can certainly avoid setting up a statue of wood or stone and laying offerings in front of it as acts of worship. But in my world today, besides countless religions, there are many forms of ‘worshipping other gods’.   They are usually looked upon as either entertainment or common sense.

As an example, it is common sense to take care of our environment, reduce our carbon footprint, not waste resources. But there are those who do this not out of respect for Your creation, but because they believe in and worship the earth as a power itself. Environmentalism has become a religion, worshiping ‘Mother Earth’.

For the sake of ‘entertainment’ many people are enticed by the idea they can learn the future, or who say they ‘dabble’ in the occult. What harm is ‘dabbling’? They may read horoscopes, go to fortune tellers, read Tarot cards, play with ouija boards, channel or séance to speak to the dead, even summon satan. The ‘fun’ they participate in opens their hearts and spirits to unseen powers of influence they may not realize.

The truth is, there is power there that scripture tells us to have nothing to do with. Participating in those practices is a form of worship. Believing as truth what is revealed there is attributing a godlike power to the activity or persons involved.

And then, there are some who elevate the desire to succeed or to look youthful to a level of worship, as it guides and motivates everything they do; how they make decisions, where they spend their money.

It is so easy to allow things I enjoy or love to become an unhealthy form of worship; whether it’s my children, my job, sports, movies, food, self.   Help me be vigilant to be sure I worship only the One True God. Thank You Jesus, for revealing this truth to me. Help me recognize it in my own life, and turn from any form of ‘other’ worship, so that I only serve You. Amen

Joshua 24:14-24