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Aug 25 Last words

scroll-310783_640O Father, how I agree with the words of Job!  I know that my Redeemer lives!  And that in the end He will stand upon the earth.  And after my skin has been destroyed, yet in my flesh I will see God; I myself will see Him with my own eyes – I, and not another.  How my heart yearns within me.”

Father, I know, without a doubt, that You exist.  That You are alive.  That You are in control.  And that one day all this earth will pass away, but You will still be.  And because I am Yours, I will see You!  And in so many ways, I truly yearn for that day.

But You bring my mind back to the present.  And how I must live my days out on earth.  Paul is wrapping up his first letter to the Corinthians.  And much like me saying good-bye to my children, and trying to get every last thought of instruction and encouragement in, he includes a short paragraph that sums up his reminders for faithful living.

“Be on your guard.”  Father, help me see everything I need to be aware of.  Help me discern Your true wisdom, and reject the wisdom of the world and of the evil one.  Open my eyes and my spirit to temptations that would lead me into sin.  Do not let me be swept up into or be part of causing division in my church.

“Stand firm in the faith.”  Lord, help me read and study Your Word so I understand what my faith is based on.  Show me how to apply Your Word to my life today, and do not let me stray from it.  Instead, help me live out what I believe.  My actions, my attitudes, my words, all need to be in agreement because they show outwardly what I really believe inwardly.  Help me enjoy the freedoms of my faith but also be aware and careful not to be a stumbling block to others.

“Be men of courage; be strong.”  Father, strengthen me against the laxity of society.   Embolden me to use the spiritual gifts You have placed in me.   Help me encourage others.  When I need to speak out, open my mouth and fill it.  When I need to act be my strength.

“Do everything in love.”  Finally, help me to be more loving.  In all I do, show me what You would do, how You would do it.  Before I speak, let me ask myself if I am speaking in love.  Before I act, remind me to ask myself if I am acting in love.  So many emotions and motivations influence and drive me, Lord.  Help me seek love as my primary motivating factor.

Help me live out my days in ways that honor You.  And when You take me home, I will rejoice!  Amen

Job 19:25-27; I Corinthians 16:13-14

July 11 Make Mighty Men


Father, I pray that my sons would be Mighty Men. Like those men You brought to surround and support David, let my sons be able and capable. Let them know what is right and not be afraid to stand up and fight for it.

I don’t mean I want them to be killers of men as David’s Mighty Men had to be, but to be of strong character. All the verses in today’s scriptures contain wisdom for those who would be open to learn. Father, let my sons have open eyes, ears and hearts to learn from You and Your Word. Show them truth in their lives, and do not let them be swayed or misled by the lies and deceit of the world or the evil one.

Like David’s Mighty Men, let them see Your hand at work in the world, and join You in it. Let them have the skills they need to be victorious in today’s battles. Today’s battles are not against the Philistines, but against greed, lust, envy, entitlement, spiritual strongholds, social pressures, political agendas and those who would derail them from Your purpose for their lives. Father, let them know the truth that will combat these lies and set them free.

Paul quoted the prophet Isaiah about the condition of the Israelites. Lord, let my sons be the opposite. So when they hear Your Word, let them understand it, as they see You at work, let them perceive how to work with You. Do not let their hearts become calloused, their ears deaf, or their eyes blind. But let them be open to You and understand with their hearts, and turn to You for healing.

Along with the psalmist, let them “praise You, O Lord, with all their hearts. Let them tell of Your wonders and be glad to rejoice in You. Let them sing praise to Your name. Turn their enemies back and cause them to stumble and perish.”  Uphold my sons, Lord. Teach them that You judge righteously.

As the Proverbs teach, Lord, “let their walk be blameless. Do not let them become fools with perverse lips. Do not let them be hasty and miss the way, or have zeal without knowledge. Do not let them rage against You. Help them learn from mistakes, so they will not ruin their lives with folly.” All these things will make them mighty men of the Lord. They will know You and trust in You, for You have never forsaken those who seek You.

I would desire to be all these things as well, Lord; to have these character traits, and be mighty in my faith. Let me be a good role model to my children and all those around me. Thank You, for doing more than I can even ask or imagine. Amen

I Chronicles 11:10-12:18; Acts 28: 25-27; Psalm 9:1-3; Proverbs 19:1-3